Sunday, 18 November 2012

Fantastic Foxes in Good Homes Magazine

Well done to my friend Keeley for spotting my Fox Face Plate in this month's Good Homes Magazine, sitting amongst some other lovely foxy things...

New Stockist

Having delivered a package of work to In With The Old, a lovely little shop run by Alice Howard on Amwell  Street in Islington, London, I thought this world be a good opportunity to share where you can find my work in real life (rather than online):

In with the Old
57 Amwell Street, London, EC1R1UR
(about a 10 minute walk from Kings Cross and Angel)
They stock a selection of my Urban Animal Plates, Porcelain Military Ribbons and Brooches.

North Street Pottery
24 North Street  Clapham, London SW4 0HB
A busy urban pottery in the heart of Clapham, where I did an apprenticeship to improve my throwing skills. They stock a selection of my screenprinted jewellery, amongst their many pots.

io Gallery 
39 Sydney Street  Brighton, East Sussex BN1 4EP
A spot to find my porcelain jewellery in Brighton.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Flow, Rupert Cavendish & Ceramic Review

Visited my porcelain bottle-ladies at Rupert Cavendish antiques a few weeks ago. They seemed to be fitting right in on the iconic black and amber furniture of this antique shop, sharing the space with some beautifully textured pieces by Lisa Stockham amongst others.

Also discovered the pieces have also been featured in Ceramic Review Magazine's article on pop-up shops in their latest issue. And also Flow Gallery, who are co-hosting the show, have written a lovely review of my pieces in it, on their blog

Feels like the hard work is paying off when things like this happen!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Fragile In Transit comes to London

While in Denmark earlier this year I formed a collective with eight other international ceramicists...We are collaboratively curating an travelling exhibition: Fragile in Transit

Each of us have made a piece of work that references 'balance' in some way. The work will travel to each of our hometowns, where we will host an exhibition.

I will be hosting the London show at the Doodle bar, Battersea, London this October. 

The pieces have so far travelled to Belfast’s Maxwell Street Studios as part of Northern Ireland’s Craft Month, and are currently showing in Designer Souvenirs in Bornholm, Denmark as part of Bornholm's Culture Week.

Come see this exciting exhibition in London next month at the Doodle bar; an arts and drinking venue set up in an old Victorian dairy warehouse in Battersea. 

The show opens at 6pm on Thursday 18th October 2012 and runs for one week.

For more information and to follow the journey of the pieces visit


You can also find more about the London exhibition at

The work packaged up after its journey from Belfast to Bornholm

Work by Helene Søs Schjødts. Denmark 

The journey, illustrated on my piece; a travelling shrine

My piece: Katie Spragg. England

Katja Kotikoski. Finland 

Fresh out the kiln

New work for an upcoming exhibition hot out of the kiln today...

New Gift Shop Pieces 'Schwartz und Blau' for  Flow Gallery's pop up exhibition at:

Rupert Cavendish Antiques 
610 King's Road, London SW6 2DX
Tuesday 25th September - 2nd October

The pieces are made in new combinations and in blues, blacks and greys to coordinate with Rupert Cavendish's antique furniture. 

Traces 'Junk Shop' Now Open!

Visit Tom Dixon's Portobello Dock to rummage through some high end, designer 'junk' (in the good sense of the word!) including my Urban Animal Plates and Military Mascot Porcelain Ribbons...

Monday, 3 September 2012

Summer Escapades

The past few months I have been busy creating, selling, travelling and exhibiting, but unfortunately, not blogging. So here's a quick round up of what I've been up to....


I had a very successful, albeit incredibly soggy Diamond Jubilee Festival at the Etsy Marketplace in Battersea Park. Didn't see the Queen, but I did see a very nice (male) look-a-like and a pearly Queen which was enough for me.

In case you missed out on getting your own limited edition alternative Diamond Jubilee Souvenir, there are still a few left at 


Saw the opening of Tina Tsang's, director of Undergrowth Design (where I have worked part-time for the past two years), psychopomp exhibition at Mead Carney. 

I had created delicate porcelain details for some of her sculptures including porcelain flowers with glass eyeballs for centers and porcelain seaweed and limpets.

'ascension II' by tina tsang as part of her 'psychopomp' exhibition
all images courtesy of mead carney
Look closely and you can see the flowers I created nestled amongst the moss.

Also in July I exhibited new work at the amazing Secret Garden Party, in its 10th year the theme was 'Standing on Ceremony', so I took the opportunity to celebrate the bazaar tradition of military animal mascots. 

Commemorative platters hung in the trees of the Badger Woods and the audience could award the mascots oversized medals of different curious facts. 


In August a very exciting journey began of 9 ceramic artworks, created by nine international, emerging ceramicists, of which I was one.

Fragile In Transit is a ceramic travelling exhibition; an idea conceived at Guldagergaard in Denmark where I completed a residency earlier this year. 

Each artist has created a piece that weighs less than 5kg and references ‘balance’ in some way. The pieces will travel between each of the artists’ hometowns, visiting Helsinki, Vilnius and Milan amongst others.

The exhibition opened  in Belfast’s Maxwell Street Studios as part of Northern Ireland’s Craft Month and has now the traveled to the island of Bornholm, Denmark where is will be park of Bornholm's Culture week.

The Belfast exhibition, hosted by Claire Muckian

My piece for the exhibition; a travelling shrine to places I have never been.

Follow the journey and adventures of this work at 

Like us on Facebook for frequent updates and news of the upcoming London exhibition

In August I also travelled myself, back to Denmark to visit other members of the collective and take down our exhibition that had been showing in Grimmerhus International Ceramic Museum.

New Gift Shop pieces were exhibited in the Traces exhibition, an emersive exhibition in an old Victorian pub, The Marquis of Landsdown in Hackney.